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By @enablingevie, Jul 5 2014 11:34AM

Well hey friends, looks like summer has finally arrived. Things have been very busy with the Shears family and I have been working so hard to try new things.

The lovely people at did a great job with my sensory shed and friends and family mucked in to help to make it my peaceful sanctuary. Mum and I have enjoyed sneaking off there to have a change of scenery.

I am also beginning to like being in my new buggy. I can go down the road in it now without being too scared of all the different feelings and noises. Mum and dad always hold my hand so I know I'm safe.

Let's talk cancer, or maybe talk about kicking it's stinky butt! So I had another batch of yucky chemo and had a scan 2 weeks ago. My doctor was really happy with the response in my naughty left eye that the nurses told mum he skipped out like his football team had scored a winning goal :) the cancer cells have flattened and shrunk, so a little bit of breathing space now before the next check on the 16th July.

So with that news, we've been really busy with physio and other therapies to boost my learning whilst I'm well. Cancer treatment is a real pain in the bum as it makes me feel so poorly and interrupts my nice sleepy time that It's so hard to learn new things whilst I have to have it.

I went to meet a nice new doctor at the Evelina hospital. He specialises in movement disorders and has agreed to help mum to manage things I need now and in the future.

Mummy was busy last month with talking to my lovely helpers from portage about school! How did I get so big that I ready for school?! It's a long process to get my paperwork ready to make sure that I can go to the right school where I can and have fun with friends. Exciting times ahead.

Other exciting things that have happened in the last couple of months include grandad Barry taking me for a walk in my buggy and I didn't cry; mum and I going to the supermarket for the first time in my buggy; Learning a new position to hold myself up so I can learn and explore new things in front of me; bbqs in the garden with friends and family. Also, mum met my warrior friend George's mum for the first time. They have been talking for a long time and helping each other. They went to a special day out to find new gadgets and gizmos to help George and I.

My pals Tom Nixon, Mark Parr and my hero- my dad and his team have all done charity events that have helped to raise money for us to get the help we need. Some things it's helping to pay for include: 1:1 hydro sessions with Lucy Harris, weekly physio with Lindsey and music therapy with Eleanor. We've also been able to buy a special seat called a 'goto' seat- check it out at

My lovely mummy had her birthday last week. I think she had a lovely day- even if I did a huge poop after our birthday selfie - oops- when a girls gotta go....

So it's been another busy couple of months and again I want to say thanks to all my friends and family for doing all you do.

Enjoy the sunshine whilst it's here, just remember your sun hats and protection!

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