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By @enablingevie, Jan 2 2014 01:47PM

Friends, as we've come to the end of 2013 it's been a hell of an exhausting year. From spending my first birthday in hospital, to regular eye checks and laser treatment, a course of horrid radiotherapy and chemotherapy, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and the list goes on....up to a very scary week before Christmas in hospital with a mystery nasty virus. What a year!

My eye cancer has responded well to radiotherapy. My right eye is stable and my left eye is looking ok. There's a little grey area which could be new cancer cells or just scaring from old cells dying. Check ups every 3 weeks to make sure there's no growth or change so let's hope for that.

My wonderful friends have been incredibly generous and with your efforts, you've helped me to have 40 physio sessions, 20 hydro sessions, and acupuncture treatment (sho -ni-shin), buy a specialist hydraulic bed, an interactive learning station, some switch adapted toys to help encourage hand eye co-ordination through cause and effect, one pair of specialist shoes, a dynamic movement orthosis suit (DMO), a massage bench, a physio stool, and some wonderful sensory toys!!! :) Without you guys, I would have none if this.

This has been an incredibly tough year for my family and I, but your continued help and support has helped me to explore my world in my way.

I can't end this year without a special mention to all my wonderful friends from the Tadworth Children's Trust. You've truly been a lifeline to me and my parents and although you can't come and help us anymore- I hope this isn't goodbye. There are some goodbyes though- to our night nurses- Kelly, who flew back to New Zealand, as well as Sam, who had a little bubba all of her own. He was cheeky and came a little bit early, so he can definitely be in my gang of cheeky babies.

Mum, Dad and I have moved to our new house to help make things a bit easier as I get a bit bigger. Please do come see us in the new year. Friends -old and new are always welcome (as long as you don't have a naughty cough or cold).

I hope Santa was good to you all (only if you've been good though). I was given so many amazing presents by friends and family. Those of you that want to come over and read me a story- come on, hurry up! I got millions of crazy, funny books to share with you! As my Mum said- may 2014 bring more smiles and less tears. Oh nearly forgot- of course, I turn two in a couple of weeks!

Love you all

Evie xx

Jan 2 2014 07:31PM by Paige Higgins

Evie, you are amazing, and your Mummy and Daddy do an absolutley incredible job. Wishing you nothing but the best possible health in 2014 xxx

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