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By @enablingevie, Oct 30 2013 01:23PM

I've made it! 20 days of radiotherapy- daily visits up to barts, drugs daily to make me sleepy (doctors call it a ga), and concentrated radiator beams into my eye to zap the horrid cancer cells. It's been a very tough ride but I've made it through the other side.

More positive news- we've moved into our very own house :) early days with lots of friends helping out with stripping (paper!) and cleaning. Mum said something about cleaning out the scummy hot water tank was like a really rubbish krypton factor- I don't know what that is but I hope it's more fun than what mum was doing! My room is lovely and big and will soon be ready for my new bed.

Had to go visit the tummy doctor this week as my naughty tube has been making me sick over the past few months. Will have to go back to gosh to have it put in again and hopefully I can stop vomiting all over the place. Don't want to make my new house all yucky with vomit!

Trying also to get a specialist buggy that will help me be more comfy to be seated so I can learn and explore more things. Mum has to fight so hard to get the right things for me. One size doesn't fit all and people keep mentioning 'budgets' to my mum. I thought they were little birds you keep in a cage but mum says its money chat. So thanks to my lovely friends- mum has managed to buy me my own custom-made bed that is made especially to make me (no one else!) comfy at nighttime. Next job is to try and get the right buggy.

So just a quick update. Got some recovery to go through now- I'm super super tired after such a hectic few months.

I love my new house and as Auntie Anna and Uncle Paul said "let the good times roll".

Love you lots friends

Evie boo xxxx

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