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By @enablingevie, Sep 16 2013 09:08AM

So, that was summer! Hope you all enjoyed the sun whilst it was here. Probably need to update you what we've been doing. The shears family have had a summer full of house searching!

I'm getting bigger and have lots more toys and stuff so our little flat is tricky to move around in. After much searching and lots of disappointment, mum and dad have found us a great little house, with lots of space for my new toys. Fingers crossed we'll be in our new house by Christmas. But mummy and daddy won't trust it's ours until we move in!

Lots of people go on their jolidays over the summer and so we didn't do much of our regular stuff. It's tricky when you have a routine to do other things.

Ok so lets get the poopey stuff out there. Regular check ups and laser over the summer and a bit of a bomb just this last week :( my latest scan showed my yucky tumour in my left eye has grown quicker than ever expected! This means pretty intense treatment over the next couple of months. Mum and dad have to meet my special radio doctor next week and we will know more of what it means. It will be hard work and daily trips up to the hospital for about a month. I reallllllly want to keep seeing and so we have to try and make sure my yucky tumour shrinks so I can still see something afterwards. Not an easy job.

After all the dramas with my tummy tube- I had a good few weeks of not being sick, my tummy not filling with horrid stuff and was beginning to enjoy my daily taste of a few mils of porridge. Until a couple of weeks ago!!!! Grandma says when it rains, it bloody pours! Someone definitely left the taps on up there at the moment and I don't have my armbands on yet to stay afloat! Back to hospital this week to put my tube back in the right place and fingers and toes crossed I can stop being sick. My tummy hurting makes it difficult to do anything in my day without feeling poorly.

Mummy's been real busy fighting to get me some more help so I can learn to sit up and feel safe and comfortable, and learn to go in a car seat and a pushchair. She has to work so hard to get some people to listen- I think they all must play their iPods too loud coz they don't seem to hear very well.

I can't say it enough, but still so many heroes out there are still doing so much to help me. Thank you all from me and my mum and dad. We'd be stuck without all your help.

Guys it's a tough old world, Churchill (not the annoying dog one!) once said "if you're going through hell, keep going!"

Think of me and I'll be as tough a cookie as I can :)

Much love

Evie xx

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