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By @enablingevie, Jan 20 2013 09:38AM

HapPy BirThDaY to me :) I am 1 whole year old :)

So the snow arrived in time for my birthday and I've had the best weekend effa. A lickle hiccup on my

actual birthday but it wouldn't be my day if it went as smooth as a babies bottie :)

Freezing cold and boiling hot because of snow and a yucky infection in my tummy tube saw the magic numbers hit minus and then in the hundreds! Short trip to a&e and a bit of medicine and home to my

own bed. We didn't even get to cut my scrummy cake but we made up for it yesterday. Feeling much

better, my mummy and daddy took me to a very special place, Fanny's farm shop. They telled me that it was somewhere they went when I was in mummy's tummy. It was soo pretty in the snow. There were some chickens and piggies there and lots of lickle treasures to see. More importantly- lots of scrummy homemade cakes to eat :) We met some friends and family there and they stuffed their faces. My medicine made me a lickle sleepy so I did fall asleep for a birthday doze- Birthdays are exhausing- I don't know how my Great Nanny Cath has managed to party through so many of them :) My mum and dad were smiling and laughing all the day and that is the best present effa.

You must go to see Fanny with her piggies and chickens at the farm shop- they really looked after us and made my 1st birthday very special. Tell them Baby Evie recommeded it- don't fink it'll get you a discount though, we did set the fire alarm off with out sparklers! oopps ;)

ThaNk YoU so much to everyone for all your luffly messages, pressies and thoughts. I really wish I could send a special thank you to you all personally but I have so much to do each day just to keep growing and be as well as I can be.

I feel a very special and lucky girl right now and had the best birthday effa. Check out my photies to see how very lucky I am :)

lots of love

Baby (but becoming a big girl) Evie :) xxxx

Jan 20 2013 10:26AM by mummy x

bestest time eeeeeeeeeeeeeeever xx

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