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By @enablingevie, Nov 21 2012 05:11PM

Hey friends

thank you all so much for your lovely messages and thoughts, 'specially today. Had a loooooonng day up at the eye ho'pital to see how the horrid C is doing. Lots of poking around in my lickle eyes and lots of complicated words being used around me. I can't really understand it- Im only 10 months old :) So I will leave it to the growd'ups to explain what's going on....

Well done for all you guys out there holding fundraising events. I know my mummy's school is holding a week of events. You are all my heroes.

Over to the growd'ups

love you all

Baby Evie


Ok so current update on the tumours...

Evie has tumours in both her left and right eye and they have required different approaches to treatment.

Left Eye: Currently has 3 tumours that are being monitored. Tumours 1 and 2 are on Evie's peripheral vision (the part of vision that occurs outside the very center of gaze- so around the edges). These were lasered at the beginning of treatment. Tumour 3 has been lasered twice but is still not in a stable state yet . Unfortunately another tumour was discovered today that required laser treatment too. The specialists report that Evie's vision is "potentially ok at present" but the future is very uncertain.

Right Eye: There is a large central tumour which is in a mixed state. Half has calcified from chemo (we want this) but the other half is unstable. This requires further laser treatment in 4 weeks time which should stabilise the outer edges if the tumour.

Currently the focus of treatment is on preserving Evie's sight as much as possible. There are still many discussions and plenty of research to explore in terms of thinking towards long term management of Evie's cancer and the implications of further treatment.

This is a long road and Evie, her mum and dad have a tough journey ahead.

They are the strongest, bravest people I know and I admire them more and more every day.


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