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By @enablingevie, Jun 25 2012 09:23AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY :) Let's eat cake :)

Well its been a hell of a weekend I can't lie! Chemo went ahead so hopefully with any luck there is no more of that yucky stuff for me! And I can get this annoying tube out so I can wriggle around in the bath :) Unfortunately last treatment was the worst :( made me soooooo sickly that I was sick up my horrid feeding tube. I couldn't help it but it made my Mum and Dad panic and they said lots of words I have not heard before! I don't think they meant for me to hear them!!

So off to the hospital again to try and put the tube back in. As this new tube goes into my intestine- its a bit trickier than my old tube so it means I need a doctor to do it and then I have to have a photo taken of my tummy to check it's in the right place. I REALLY didn't like this- it feels so yucky to have something stuck down my nose and sliding down the back of my throat, through my tummy and into my jejennnidum- that's what that word sounds like anyway:) More bad luck as they couldn't get the tube in the right place so I just had to had the tube into my tummy and then come back to the hospital next week to try again! It's soooooooo tiring- don't they know I have had chemo?!

I had a surprise visit from Mummy's friend Martine at the weekend. She sounds different to me but Mummy says its because she's from Ozzietralia :)

I hope I feel a bit better soon and I can bring you some good news.

I'm off to eat cake with my Mummy and Auntie Jodie- but Jodie's on a silly diet so she can only sniff the cake!

love to you all

Baby Evie

xx xx

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