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By @enablingevie, Jun 20 2012 06:07PM

Sorry I've taken a bit of time to update everyone- things have been so crazy I'm not sure where to start. So daddy did the 3 peaks challenge a couple of weeks ago with some pals at work. I had a girls weekend with Mummy and Auntie Jodie- we watched some great movies- Home Alone 2, Hocus Pocus and First Wives club :) we had lots of fun playtime on the mat too and they showed me some different pictures that moved on a screen. I worked so hard to concentrate but it's very tiring. I am trying to lift my head up to see this world people talk to me about. I'm not liking bath time too much anymore. I'm not sure why but it just makes me a bit scared. My new favourite place is on my changing mat. My room is nice and bright and I really like laying in there. Another busy week and then a big day on Saturday 16th. Daddy was playing in a big football tournament that his friends arranged to help me. I really would have liked to have come but I hear there were tonnes of people there and it was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who helped :) Mummy and I stayed at home playing with Nanny Ford. I managed to wear a pretty party dress for my day- but I was sooooo sleepy I dozed off in it!! Daddy came home very tired - I think he thinks he's still 21!! ;) but luckily he got to sleep in on Sunday as it was Daddy's day- his first one. Everyone thinks their Daddy is the best, but I know mine is :) I hope he liked my present I got him :) we had a good day together and shared some smiles :) I love you Daddy :)

Over the past few weeks I've been having a few tests. My EEG (monitoring my brain) showed no change so the doctors aren't taking me off my medication yet! I don't like it much at all :( I had some bloods taken this week to get ready for chemo session 6- the last one I hope. My Mum was sooo pleased with me as my neutrophils were 4.0!! This is good apparently as they usually are 0.3-0.5!! However- a small hiccup today and Mummy had to take me to Epsom hospital as my Hickman line (where they put my yucky chemo) has an infection :( this is not what I need. A whole day of antibiotics today and we'll have to wait and see. Mummy has been quite sad today. She has been remembering her friend Anne. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet her but I know Mummy misses her dearly and wishes I could have met her.

Anyway I must go as I'm so very tired fighting this infection and have a tough few days ahead with chemo if I can have it.

Thanks again to all who helped make Saturday such a success. I think there are some pictures on this site of the day. Next week I hear there is a music concert at my Mummy's old school. Check out my events page to find out more.

Keep smiling- I'm trying to! Keep coming to visit us- I love hearing new voices

Love to you all

Baby Evie xx

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