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By @enablingevie, Jun 2 2012 03:30PM

what a week!! Mummy and Daddy had a massive meeting on Monday to meet all the people who are involved with trying to look after me. It was really hard for them and hugely overwhelming. There are so many people and I find it tricky with so many new voices - this world is a pretty scary place.

Had to say goodbye to my friends at the Chase this week. I know its not goodbye forever but I have met some lovely people who try very hard to make me feel better. I wish I could show them that I like it there but the pains in my tummy hurt too much and I feel too poorly. I can only tell them about that right now.

After a hard week of fighting a nasty infection and trying to get a little stronger, I was allowed (that doesn't sound right?!) to have chemo this week. A long day on Thursday in a VERY hot GOSH. Session 5 done so hopefully only 1 more session of this yucky medicine that is making me feel even more poorly. I hope it's worth it!!

We had some new visitors the last couple of nights- some night nurses so that Mummy and Daddy could get some sleep. They are both so very tired. I wish I could let them sleep more but I'm too little to make myself feel better.

I have been hearing people talking about a special weekend this weekend. I hope everyone has a lovely time celebrating a special day for the Queen. I wish I could see all the parades and everyone having fun. I know my Mummy and Daddy would love to celebrate as they love the Queen and all things patriotic.

If anyone is around this weekend- please call my Mummy and Daddy to see if you can come visit. I worry they may feel even sadder this weekend and I am too sickly to stop crying.

Feeling sleepy from all my horrid medicines so I think I'll try steal some moments shut eye. I can't feel that lovely sunshine that makes me feel good. I hope it comes back.

hope to have cuddles with some of you soon

much love



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