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By @enablingevie, May 24 2012 08:20PM

OK so no chemo this wk! Her bloods have shown that she hasnt recovered enough from her nasty infection and therefore she is too poorly to undergo the aggressive chemo treatment!!

After an impromptu conversation with her Dr at The Royal London, we have good and bad news! As it stands, Evie should have the same sight in one of her eyes as any normal child! that is If the tumours don't change! However there is a 50\50 chance of them growing again since there are grey areas in both eyes which means the tissues are not dead cells and could regrow! If they do regrow then we have to make decisions on how to treat them again :( She could have chemo plates placed directly into the eye to kill the tumour or she could have laser treatment which would definitely kill tumours but will remove her central vision! So incredibly hard to think that these are potential options for our precious little girl. She will be checked every 6-8wks to keep track of the situation! She has had a rough couple of days with the insertion of the NJ tube and lots of interfering and poking around. As you can imagine its been a hard few days- add to the fact sitting in a sweatbox of a hospital :(

Home now for a couple of days and then back to the Chase for the last week with them :( We will miss them soooooo much :(

Very drained this week.

much love to all our friends and supporters

Aimey and James


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