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By @enablingevie, May 21 2012 05:03PM

So another eventful few days in the life of Evie Shears. After somehow contracting an infection in her hickman line (the permanent tube used for administering chemotherapy) Evie had to leave the lovely Chase hospice for a few days stay back in Epsom hospital. After dosing full of antibiotics (of course on top of the numerous other medications) the infection is being cleared and back to the Chase it was for the weekend. Of course side effects of antibiotics= stomach cramps, side effects of chemo= stomach cramps, side effects of other drugs = stomach cramps! Guess stomach cramps aren't going away yet :(

A busy weekend in there so lots of busy staff but home today for a flat full of community staff and a visit from Auntie Jodie. Feeling pretty rotten today and Evie managed to pull out her tube again. Thankfully the community nurse was due to visit so could help put it back in. Bloods taken today and with all fingers and toes crossed, little Evie will be well enough to have her examination under anaesthetic on Wednesday as well as fitting an NJ tube (Naso-jejenal) to see if a new way of feeding eleviates some of her discomfort. Then fingers crossed ahead with Chemo number 5 on Thursday. If all goes to plan then home for the weekend and just one last week at the Chase next week :(

thanks to all those who are still driving the fundraising forces.

So many lovely events in the pipeline- please remember to email if you have an event you want added to the website.

All you tweeters remember to retweet :)

will let you know if all plans go ahead.

lots of love to all

Jodie xx

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