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By @enablingevie, May 1 2012 07:35PM

So first couple of days in The Shooting Star Children's Hospice, Chase. What a lovely place with lovely staff. Mummy and Daddy are able to get some sleep with a bit of luck whilst the lovely staff take care of Evie. Evie will be monitored 24hrs a day: with staff checking on her fluid balance; when drugs are given,; when feeds are given, and how little Evie reacts and responds at different times of the day. This will hopefully give us more of an indication of how we begin to manage Evie's vomiting and reflux and terrible discomfort. Evie has lost a little weight which isn't the greatest news but with any luck she can still go ahead with Chemo session 4 this Thursday. She had a lovely girls night with Mummy and Auntie Kate on Friday and had a chance to wear her pretty dress on Saturday. Lots of people are getting the ball rolling with their own fundraising events which is fantastic news and so incredibly generous. Please email us on if you have an event coming up so we can share your great efforts here on the website. We are still working on setting up the Trust Fund however if you would like to offer a donation, please do email and we can discuss how you can do this now.

So proud of my lovely friends Aimey and James and can't wait for snuggles with Evie on Wednesday.

love you all

Jodes xx

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