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By @enablingevie, Apr 25 2012 08:19PM

Happy Birthday James :) love Jodes xx

Message from Aimey and James:

hi everyone, James and I cannot believe how many people have been in touch about fundraising! It really is just completely overwhelming! The big question is how do we hope to put the funds to use and the answer is 'very carefully'! I am researching a great deal about 'brain injured children' and have a lot more to discover. America seems to offer a great deal of insight and specialist care and some of it can be applied now but most of it will be over the next ten years! Evie may be able to benefit from developments in stem cell advancements, revolutionary spinal surgery, cancer treatments, but most of my interest is with an institute in Philadelphia for the achievement of human potential, I don't want to be 'fooled' by false hope. There is also a centre called 'Footsteps' which is intensive physio which has been recommended by someone who's 6yr old daughter has just learned to crawl for the first time though they were told she never would! We are also looking into private consultants specialising in gastroenterology as well as neurology as the NHS seems to stand for 'No Hope Service'. Once again thank you in advance and hold fire with your generosity until the accounts are set up to ensure we can ensure everything is well and truely secured x

Please remember to email to let us know about your fundraising events so we can add them to the website and everyone can know about your great efforts :) x

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