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By @enablingevie, Apr 20 2012 08:15PM

Feeding update:

The doctors have decided to change Evie's feed to Neocate to see if she has an allergy to normal milk. She has only put on 200grams in two weeks and she consistently vomits after every feed on her current milk. Aimey been researching about the drug 'Domperidone' and its use for reflux. Evie is currently taking this 30 minutes before her feed. There appears to be little evidence of its effectiveness and some report that it can cause stomach spasms! This is standardly prescribed, however there is no certainty that it is helping Evie. If anyone has any thoughts or findings of any of the above- please let us know. Medical minefield!!

Apr 29 2012 09:48PM by Claire

Hi There,
I just come across Evie's page on facebook and I remember you from a few weeks ago as my son James was in hospital in the room next to you. You have all been in my thoughts since. My son was perscribed neocate when he was 3 weeks old and we never really had a problem with it so good luck with that. However he was also perscribed domperidone at 6 months and I have to admit it didn't really help much and he had a terrible skin reaction to it and was in pain with it for about a week (it stopped as soon as the doctors told us to take him off of it). I naivly didn't do any research into it beforehand believing that the docs would've told us about any adverse effects but I was wrong. I think this reaction is quite rare so I wouldn't advise you to make a judgement call on what i'm saying but I thought it was important that you should at least know that there are possibly side effects to the babies skin. As it turns out he was generally just allergic to milk so a soya milk did the trick..... although it did take 7-8 months of vomitting so realise that! First time mums hey!

Good luck with everything and I really hope that you find all of the answers that you all truly need xx

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