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By @enablingevie, Apr 18 2012 08:38PM

Finally able to have examination under anaesthetic today at the Royal London Hospital. Scan revealed the tumours appear to be responding positively to the chemotherapy and are flatter than initially, Now we need them to shrink in width so we can give Evie the best chance of having some sight., Finally some positive news. xxxx

Apr 19 2012 06:27PM by Fiona

Incredible news! Thank God, at last xxxx

Apr 20 2012 07:50AM by Claire Medley

Well done little lady, such a toughie already :-) Saying little prayers every day for you, Mummy, Daddy and all those helping you. God bless! Cxxx

Apr 20 2012 03:00PM by Clare Shaw

Evie, you're truly amazing, well done poppet for being so incredibly brave. lots of love to you Mummy and Daddy xx

Apr 20 2012 03:11PM by vicki

Positve news at last. She will always be a blessing to you and James. x

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