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By @enablingevie, Apr 16 2012 09:36PM

What a good girl for her babysitters Anna and Jodie xx

By @enablingevie, Apr 15 2012 08:17PM

An exhausting weekend post chemotherapy. Very little sleep for all. Evie incredibly distressed. Surgical gloves at the ready for the next 7 days as the toxic remnants of the Chemo works its way out of Evie's tiny precious body. All hands on deck if there are any going spare.

By @enablingevie, Apr 14 2012 11:53AM

Everyone home after an unecessary long and exhausting day and eve at GOSH. Session 3 of chemotherapy done- half way through. Huge admiration for all xx

By @enablingevie, Apr 13 2012 08:25AM

Chemotherapy session number 3 today. Much love and positive thoughts to all the family xx

By guest, Apr 12 2012 09:52AM

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